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My goal is to give you a lasting way to save, share, and relive your special memories over and over again! 

A one time fee includes:

* initial photo book design

*  a creative input meeting

* one editing session

Price will vary. Please contact for price quote.  

Photo Book Design

Photo Book Options

Photo Book Options are extra upgrades that Shutterfly offers. These will factor into the price of your book but my fee will remain the same. These are preferences you may choose to add for the prices listed below:

Book Sizes available (Most popular 8x11) 

7x9 15.99 (soft cover only)

8x8 19.99 (soft cover) 29.99 (hard cover)

8x11 24.99 (soft cover) 39.99 (hard cover)

11x8 24.99 (soft cover) 39.99 (hard cover)

10x10 29.99 (soft cover) 49.99 (hard cover)

12x12 69.99 (hard cover only)

11x14 74.99 (hard cover only)


$ 3.00 storytelling style (more stickers/backgrounds/layouts/colors to choose from)

 $1.59 Additional Page (based on 8x11 book) (1-30 pictures will fit per page depending on what you prefer visually

$ 1.99 memorabilia pocket

$9.99 remove shuterfly logo 

$19.99 professional 6 color printing 

$14.99 glossy finish 

$30.00 layflat album

$50.00 delux layflat album

Upgraded Covers (based on 8x11 book):

$ 24.99 hard matter photo cover with dust jacket

$ 4.99 dust jacket

$375.00 (starting from 375) professional flush mount album (black cloth, black leather, antique white linen, genuine leather)

More information

Photo Book Design Fee

*  one creative input meeting

*  initial photo book design

* one editing session/revision

(Extra charge for more editing sessions/draft revisions) 

Please have all photos in jpg format (on jump drive or sent through google photos). If you have prints that need to be scanned or digital files that need to be changed into jpg formats additional cost will be added. 

The price of the photo book is not included. Shtterfly pricing varies. I wait for deals (% off price of book/free shipping) etc. and will update you when I believe there is a good deal. If you want the book as soon as possible I can always order a regularly priced book. A typical 8 by 11 hard cover book with 20 pages with be around $40.00 plus shipping. 

( 1-30 pictures per page depending on your visual preferences)

*10% discount will apply to future photo books I design for you. 

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